Pet Mysteries

Dog and Cat Stories and more...

We love mysteries that feature animals!  Dogs, cats, parrots, ducks...okay, we've never actually read a mystery featuring a duck but if there's one out there that you've read, please let us know.   We figured there might be more people out there like us - well, not exactly like us - but people who also love mysteries featuring animals and so we thought we'd sniff out some of the best and share them with you.  So, if you're a lover of pet mysteries, a writer of pet mysteries, or you have a pet who loves mysteries (just checkin' to see if you're tracking J) please check out the site and send us your comments. 

On this site, you'll find the aforementioned list of mysteries featuring pets, some links to other pet sites, and an opportunity to share your own pet stories.  Those furry, feathered, or otherwise adorned creatures that make our lives fuller just by being a part of it.

If you're planning to adopt a pet, please consider saving a life by adopting a pet from a local animal shelter.  There are many wonderful pets who are looking for their lifetime home. If you need help locating a shelter in your area try, this handy finder from
Adopt-a-Pet. All you have to do is put your zipcode in and it will bring up a listing of shelters near you.

Just adopted a pet and need some help?  There are some great tips on caring for your new friend at
Cesar (The Dog Whisperer) Millan's website and some interesting info on Dr. Ian Dunbar's blog - The Dog Star Daily.  

And if you're able, consider a tax-free donation to organizations that help take care of abused or neglected animals like the 
ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) or your local shelter. These organizations are always in need of funds and some may also take donations of newspapers, blankets, and other items.  Also, most local shelters are vastly under-staffed and appreciate the assistance of helpful volunteers.

And finally, many strays who end up in shelters are pets who weren't provided with proper identification and hundreds of others are the result of unwanted litters. Be a responsible pet owner, make sure your pet has proper identification and get your pets spayed and neutered.  They give us a lot of love - it's the least we can do for them.